Olympic Agenda Recommendations

Olympic Agenda 2020+5

In Olympic Agenda 2020+5, three recommendations have been added to strengthen and continue Recommendation 18 of the preceding Agenda 2020. Specific recommendations targeting the wellbeing and welfare of athletes are Recommendations 3, 4 and 5.

Recommendation 3

Reinforce athletes’ rights and responsibilities

  • Reinforce athlete representation structure across the Olympic Movement
  • Provide athletes with access to funding
  • Promote and support athletes’ rights across the Olympic Movement
  • Reinforce the implementation of the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration across the Olympic Movement
  • Widen the engagement with athletes and their wider personnel
  • Increase the recognition of Olympians and of the Olympians community

Recommendation 4

Continue to attract best athletes

  • Widen the scope of engagement with best athletes

Recommendation 5

Further strengthen safe sport and the protection of clean athletes

  • Strengthen safe sport/safeguarding across the Olympic Movement to protect the physical and mental well-being of athletes
  • Expand current efforts to protect clean athletes

Olympic Agenda 2020

Agenda 2020 was arguably the Olympic strongest document outlining reforms across all sections of the IOC and the Movement. Its most groundbreaking recommendation is Recommendation 18 which flipped the IOC and its operations to place athletes at the front and centre of the Olympic Games and beyond. This is now extended in the new Agenda 2020+5 in Recommendations 3, 4 and 5.

Recommendation 18

Strengthen support to athletes

  • The IOC to put the athletes’ experience at the heart of the Olympic Games.
  • The IOC to further invest in supporting athletes on and off the field of play.